In 2018 Bring Hollywood Home is urging Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian to Amend California AB 2936 to include women and minority filmmakers in the state’s tax credit incentives.  (Summary of our BHHF proposed amendment to the bill extending the studio incentives until 2025 is stated below our salute to France’s McDormand Best actress 2018)


8 years before #timesup #metoo The Bring Hollywood Home Foundation started raising awareness of the need for women and independent filmmakers to have fair and equal tax credit incentives in California because we all have projects that need financing.


Congratulations Best Actress 2018 Frances McDormand for your win and your speech


“All of us have projects that need financing”

Please see AB 2936 as introduced by California Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian co sponsored by ( Senator Ben Allen 2018) extending California’s studio tax incentives to 2025.


“If this bill is not amended women and independent filmmakers will not be able to go after their own financing with the support of the state of California tax incentives.  We will be excluded again unless this bill is amended. Billions of jobs in film and tv will be outsourced to other states and countries, and women and independent filmmakers will be at the mercy of multi national corporations and studios, to find financing for their projects.  Women and independent filmmakers need to be included in California’s tax credit incentives in 2018. #timesup”

Sharon Hardee Jimenez, Co-Founder president Bring Hollywood Home

This is the the language Bring Hollywood Home is proposing to amend Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian Author AB 2936 – our language would include independent filmmakers women and minorities creating thousands of additional jobs at a faster rate if TV and film production is redefined as small manufacturing.


AMENDMENT applies to tax credit laws affecting small manufacturing for taxable years beginning on or after January 1, 2018, and before January 1, 2025.  The amendment  revises the definitions of “qualified full-time and part- time employee,” “qualified taxpayer,” and “manufacturing business, who hire 500 employees or less” for the credit against those taxes for portions of the wages paid by a taxpayer, engaged in a trade or small manufacturing business within a designated census tract, to certain employees who provide services for that taxpayer in connection with that small manufacturing trade or business. This bill would additionally expand the definition of “qualified wages” for qualified full-time and part-time employees within a designated area, including, but not limited to those engaged in manufacturing tangible products that are exported nationally or internationally to interested markets. Bill amends the existing tax code redefining film and television production as small manufacturing/ comparable   to any tangible intellectual property that is sold and distributed to mass media, thus, including digital/film, stage work, art shows or commercial television as would be promoted and shown on social media venues such as HBO, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.


Left to right:  Mark Greenberg, Jack Mansour, Sharon Jimenez, Bill Duke, Joss Tillard  Gates and Bob Jimenez

LA City Club  August 11, 2017  Bring Hollywood Home executive meeting to expand tax credits.

Independent Filmmakers – if you own a film or production company please apply for the 200 M in California Competes Tax Credits! Click Here.


Bring Hollywood Home Wants to Save La La Land

Guest celebrities and leaders alike came together in Santa Monica at the Harvelle’s Night Club on 4th Street to fight for the entertainment industry job drought in California. The host was Bring Hollywood Home and at the forefront of this unique movement, Sharon Jimenez, one of the few outspoken residents defending what is considered a national heritage. The spotlight was the Hollywood Golden Age: The movies back then were still mostly made in Hollywood.

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The Coalition for Engaged Education Presents Bring Hollywood Home

Bill Duke introducing LULAC video at the 69th state convention.

Bill Duke LULAC 2016   LULAC

Edward James Olmos urging the civil rights leadership to get behind the work for an independent tax credit film fund for minorities and women to build the studios of tomorrow in California.

We are featured as the lead spokesperson in the fight for the tax credit incentives on the #1 network TV network in Europe during the Oscars. This is a major push for our legislation.


Bring Hollywood Home is a 501c4 in California with a mission to fight for jobs in the creative economy working to stop job outsourcing and bring film, TV commercialmusic production and post production back to the state. We have brought together some of the most impressive new leadership in California.Please DONATE (not tax deductible) and sign up on our website to get involved and volunteer your skills to help us Bring Hollywood Home

Sharon Hardee Jimenez founder/president Bring Hollywood Home

Private Film Fund Advisory Board

September 24, 2013 – Bring Hollywood Home Foundation announce private film fund.   We have investors to participate in a private film fund.  However, until California has fair and equal tax credit incentives for independent, minority and women led productions, there is not an equal opportunity for investors to come into California to support Bring Hollywood Home Independent productions.   2016 we are urging equal tax credit incentives as we ask California lawmakers and the Governor for an even playing field.   Please join us.


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