“It’s Time for California’s Elected Officials to keep families together by

passing new legislation to give equal tax credit incentives 

to independent, women & minority led production companies making family friendly, R with a purpose

films and television in California.”  Sharon Hardee Jimenez, President Co-Founder Bring Hollywood Home

MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2016 – Santa Monica – “The Coalition for Engaged Education Presents Bring Hollywood Home” 

Guigui family 2016.jpg

The red carpet was a family celebration on October 7th, 2016, when talk show host Jonathan Sterritt interviewed Esther, Noah, and Rebecca Guigui about their leadership in Bring Hollywood Home.  The children are descendants of a very talented musical, and filmmaking family led by Martin and Dahlia Waingort Guigui, Sunset Pictures, Old School Records.  Their grandfather founded the Vermont Symphony, a role model for his son Martin, who grew up wanting to make movies and live in California.  “The Guigui’s are the poster family for Bring Hollywood Home,” says Sharon Hardee Jimenez, founder president of the public policy 501 C4.  “Their parent make movies, and do everything in their power to try to produce the movies in California so they can raise their three children and care for their grandmother who is also here in the LA area.   Esther and Rebecca were just babies when Martin Guigui called to say he was with us to Bring Hollywood Home back in 2010.  With the birth of Noah the family continues to grow and lend it’s massive talent to the work to keep production jobs in California with better tax credits for independent filmmakers.” 



In 2012 Esther & Rebecca joined dad Martin Guigui on the red carpet with host Stephen Seidel, another founding board member of Bring Hollywood Home.  


2013 Martin Guigui directing The Bronx Bull on a set that replicated the Bronx at Universal Studios Hollywood – the family stayed together during the filming that didn’t go out of state

Thanks to lots of hard work on behalf of the entire family, Martin’s mother was on the set of “The Bronx Bull” when he directed the film about Jake La Motta on the set of Universal Studios, Hollywood.  


 Martin Guigui’s independent production companies has provided jobs for many people in the industry in California since he joined in to co-found Bring Hollywood Home.  Unfortunately, his productions and the productions of many top independent film producers are left out of California Tax Credits, leaving families to make tough decisions.  If they want to work they usually have to leave the state as investors insist on lucrative tax credit incentives offered in other states, but, not in our home state.  In 2016, Martin Guigui and his wife Dahlia made a new movie, Nine-Eleven, and were again denied tax credit incentives.

Duke Sterritt 2016.jpg

 Director Bill Duke (DGA) joins Bring Hollywood Home’s red carpet hosted by Jonathan Sterritt at the Ann & Jerry Moss Theater in Santa Monica on October 7th, 2016

Director Bill Duke is secretary of Bring Hollywood.  The former member of the California Film Commission has brought his considerable image the cause of equal tax credit incentives for minority and women led independent production companies as he’s seen too many of his friends in the film industry have to leave the state to find work.  “There used to be film productions on every corner in LA, and now they are few and far between,” Duke told the 150 dinner guests at the Bring Hollywood home Celebrity Dinner & Concert on October 7th.  “I have too many friends who haven’t been able to work here in years.  We have to do something to bring production back and to give a bridge to our youth from college to jobs; so they have an opportunity to be educated on the job and trained in the film & Tv industry.”

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 Media leader executive, Steve Harris joins the red carpet to support the dinner and concert to Bring Hollywood Home Friday, October 7th, 2016 Ann & Jerry Moss Theater

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Garry  & Deborah Hobday with Red Carpet host Jonathan Sterritt – The Coalition for Engaged Education Presents Bring Hollywood Home


California Board of Equalization’s Jerome E. Horton, and Inglewood Treasurer Yvonne Horton, joined the red carpet and urged filmmakers and musicians to continue to speak out for equal and fair tax credit incentives for minority and women led small and medium sized productions in California

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Herb Jordan The Adage Group, Margaret Wu 3 Dots Entertainment, Bill Duke Duke Media Productions, Jerome E. Horton & Yvonne Horton

“As the leadership of Bring Hollywood Home continues to expand to a diversity of filmmakers the focus now is on new legislation for 2017 to open up tax credit incentives to independent productions with a serious effort to make 10 to 20 million dollar independent films in California under supported by public/private partnership in the same way the major studios enjoy the support of public/private partnerships in the USA and globally.” emphasized Sharon Hardee Jimenez.


Bob Jimenez former television news anchor, NBC, KCBS, KRON, UPN News 13 with Robert Kovacik, NBC Hollywood

The 2016-2017 legislative effort is a result of six years of work to bring solutions to the exclusion of independent producers in California’s tax credit incentives.  Bob Jimenez, a Peabody, 4 time Emmy, Dupont Columbia, Ohio State award winning, has worked to bring about research to find ways to bring successful business tax models forward he hopes will restore his home state to the film capital of the world again.  “I was born in Sacramento,” says Jimenez.  “My family on the Jimenez and Valencia side go back to Alta California; to the days when the border was a line in the sand.   While my grandparents and great grandparents made their living in the lumber yards, and farm fields, and canneries of California, I was encouraged to go to college and get my degree at the University of California at Davis.  My education gave me opportunities in television, news, and later entertainment (Jimenez played himself in Sister Act & In the Line of Fire), that I hope my own children and grandchildren will enjoy in the state that their forebearers pioneered.  Sharon and I have believed passionately in this leadership as we know the only way to build the studios of tomorrow with the diversity of people who pioneered California, is one independent film at a time.” 



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