Successful Bring Hollywood Home Foundation Concert Event 2016

October 15, 2016 – News from BHHF

The Coalition For Engaged Education presents Bring Hollywood Home celebrity dinner and concert was the most successful event in the six year history of California’s only grassroots public policy foundation to bring jobs back to Hollywood. “Our Hollywood Jobs foundation was honored to be presented by The Coalition for Engaged Education, Paul Cummins founder,” says Sharon Hardee Jimenez co- founder and president of the 501 c 4 non profit leadership supporting the state’s creative economy and independent productions. “We filled the library to capacity with a delicious dinner catered by family owned Lares restaurant and heard from California’s foremost business tax expert, Jerome E. Horton, of the Board of Equalization. Horton urged our independent producers, and celebrity attendees to speak out boldly in the cause of jobs in film and tv production.” Bring Hollywood Home is pursuing legislative and business solutions as we continue to work with civil rights leadership in the state to urge lawmakers to amend current tax credit laws to fairly represent independent productions and minority and women led businesses. Iconic actor, director producer Bill Duke (Duke Media Foundation) hosted the dinner, while director/producer musician Martin Guigui invited some of the most talented musicians ever to come together for the cause of supporting jobs in the creative economy. The concert was brilliantly presented by Guigui and included performances by his young family, his talented three chicken and his wife producer/actresses Dahlia Guigui.” Jimenez emphasized. “Bring Hollywood Home is about keeping jobs in California, and supporting the families in the entertainment industry against the stresses and excesses of job outsourcing. Chasing tax credit incentives in states with much smaller economies than California, and other countries more ambitious than the USA in supporting media industry jobs, results in workers having to leave the state to preserve their health care and pensions, often working below minimum wage and having to leave their families for extended periods of time. California can put thousands of workers back on the job and keep families from having to be split apart with fair and equitable tax credits that allow projects that begin in California to stay on the state.”

Among the VIP’s at the event were painters Gary Charles Visconti, and Preston Smith who did a live original painting that sold at auction to support cause for jobs. Reverend Father Dave Guffy, Family Theater Productions Hollywood. Jonathan and Bindhu Sheldon, producers/Director Swing State, winner DTLA Film Festival best director. Marcus Castain & Mike Butler, The Coalition for Engaged Education, Tracy Saunders Artisfactions, Linda Broadsmiles executive Duke Media Foundation, Angie Itumuro director Downey School of Make Up, and more than a hundred actors, including Dennis Anderson and Laura Ledesma, artists, & public policy leaders. LA CIty Council candidate Terrence Gomes and Lydia Grant attended from LA’s neighborhood council leadership. Civil rights leaders Fred Shaw NAACP and Jan B. Tucker NOW & Same Page Coalition, Spanish language media leader Hernan Molina, San Franciso’s Tv personality Kevin Wing, and Margaret Wu 3 Dots Entertainment, and Herb Jordan The Adage Group.

A lively red carpet was co-hosted by veteran TV news anchor Bob Jimenez and actor/host John Sterritt. Celebrity red carpet photographer Donna Dymally, and Tracy Saunders joined filmmaker photographer Jose Rojas, and other media reporters in giving extensive coverage to the issues and the cause for jobs. Adam Roberts webmaster for Bring Hollywood Home continues to provide a lively website for the cause of jobs, including videos featuring Sharon Hardee Jimenez speaking about the loss of jobs in Hollywood on Britain’s #1 TV network, and a video produced and shown this year at the California statewide LULAC convention featuring iconic actor/director Edward James Olmos who urges independent producers and Californians to join our leadership to Bring Hollywood.
Mark Greenberg Miller Ward CPA’s Business Management and James Azadian Enterprise Council –

Thank you Sponsors The Coalition for Engaged Education Presents Bring Hollywood Home celebrity dinner and concert – Ann and Jerry Moss Theater and the Paul Cummins Library Santa Monica

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