Bring Hollywood Home Takes Center Stage

When husband and photographer Bob Jimenez takes the lens, a softer and profound side of Sharon Jimenez mirrors through at their home in Los Angeles. (October, 2016

Ask the world why it dreams to visit the United States and at the top of the list you will find Hollywood. The world however, might not yet be aware of its shifting platform. American major studios find themselves recycled into an uncertain globalized financial and storytelling whirlwind, at the cost of its staff and audience. Hollywood, our cherished state-of-the-art American dream, has spread its wings away to search for opportunity, buy or sell into it.

A subtle flickering hope in the heart of Hollywood nevertheless remains, for it never reached to conquer the world but win its heart. At the core of it is Bring Hollywood Home, a 501 (c)(4) organization developed by Sharon Jimenez, a woman whose vision today holds the key to our most cherished masterpiece. That vision is shared in by journalists, lawmakers, artists and scientists alike, athletes, young talent, but most of all Hollywood producers and studios whose passion wouldn’t be the same in new, uncertain territory.

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