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Bring Hollywood Home Wants to Save La La Land

Guest celebrities and leaders alike came together in Santa Monica at the Harvelle’s Night Club on 4th Street to fight for the entertainment industry job drought in California. The host was Bring Hollywood Home and at the forefront of this unique movement, Sharon Jimenez, one of the few outspoken residents defending what is considered a national heritage. The spotlight was the Hollywood Golden Age: The movies back then were still mostly made in Hollywood.

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California has an opportunity to export independent films to China

bg_08r0The presidential election results are in and regardless of who we voted for the one thing we all learned on election night was the media is no expert when it comes to calling the results of an election and that polls don’t matter as much as votes.  Most of us were shocked by the electoral college victory of Republican candidate Donald Trump who campaigned strongly against job outsourcing and trade deficits.  California may have voted majority, democratic, but there is no state that will be more affected by the trade decisions made in Washington D.C. in 2017, than the Pacific Rim, and no bigger economy in the nation than ours.

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November 2016  – Bring Hollywood Home Takes Center Stage

diamondsmirror02-740x464Ask the world why it dreams to visit the United States and at the top of the list you will find Hollywood. The world however, might not yet be aware of its shifting platform. American major studios find themselves recycled into an uncertain globalized financial and storytelling whirlwind, at the cost of its staff and audience. Hollywood, our cherished state-of-the-art American dream, has spread its wings away to search for opportunity, buy or sell into it.

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October 2016 – News from BHHF

October 7 2016 BHHF Event

The Coalition For Engaged Education presents Bring Hollywood Home celebrity dinner and concert was the most successful event in the six year history of California’s only grassroots public policy foundation to bring jobs back to Hollywood.

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